About Us

Who We Are
We are an alternative from the big nationwide companies out there! Every job means something to us!  The owner/operator is based in Attleboro and has three young kids in public schools there. 

We offer great work done at a fair price!  Whether it be installing an electric dog fence, training a new dog to an existing fence or repairing an old system that has a wire break, you will be receiving the best of what we do!  Having a slight obsession with doing good detail work is a big benefit to our clients!



What We Deliver
Quality and professionalism.  It's not a lost art to treat people with respect, prompt call backs and courtesy!  As a small business we recognize that and strive to exceed people's expectations!



Our Goal
Our primary focus is the safe containment of your dog in your yard!  An electric dog fence provides the largest area for your dog to run in, at the most economic cost to you.  Compare it to a physical fence, dog kennel or dog lead and the underground dog fence will win every time in terms of size and cost.  We understand that it may not be for everyone and that's why it is your decision in the end and we want all our clients happy with what they have chosen.  Just check out our testimonials and you will see the result of great customer care and a job well done!

Three little birds

The future of
Canine Concepts!

"Our experience is well over 5 stars. We have two dogs that were confined to leashes for the most part. This has given them over an acre of freedom. We love watching them play. The true test came over the weekend when a neighborhood dog ran into the area and both stopped as he ran out!!! YAY Olive and Dot E!!!! YAY and Thank you so much Eric!!!"


~Dee in Raynham