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"Thank you so much for your help with Jessie & Bella. The fence works excellent and they are like new puppies. Thank you."

~David in Mansfield, MA

dog fences franklin ma and surrounding towns

Canine Concepts serves Wrentham, Mansfield, Franklin, Foxboro, MA and many surrounding towns!  We install, repair and train your dog to electric dog fences, also known as invisible fences.


Dogs need to release their energy and that is a fact. They spend most days inside our homes taking a good deal of naps throughout the day and that makes them ready for action when we get home. While this napping lifestyle may be the envy of some humans, our dogs really need to get out and expel that energy. Walking them down the street helps, but it does not satisfy your dog like a good bit of running in the yard. Some dogs actually require at least a half hour of exercise and more a day! By satisfying this need, your dog will be better behaved on the inside of your home and you can keep your sofa cushions in one piece.


A well exercised dog will be a better behaved dog for you and your family and the dog will love you more for it. Remember that our little fur children spend most of their time huddled inside of our homes and are craving to get out and run......Let Them!!


How It Works


The most common configuration is shown below and is typically a large circle to encompass most of your yard.  Any type of variation can be made as long as the wire completes a loop of sorts.  There is then a control or 'twist' wire that goes inside a garage or your house to plug into the control box.

Franklin typical dog fence

The wire is trenched into the ground about four inches and scarring on the grass is either very minimal or not seen at all in less than a month of good grass growing!


The wire produces a radio frequency that will trigger the rechargeable dog collar to go off at a certain spot in the yard.  The collar will give an audible warning to your dog and if they continue into the boundary zone, they receive a static correction or shock.


The graph below is a guideline of how the wire emits the radio signal.  The distance from the wire to the boundary flags is dependent on how tall your dog is.  So if you have an 80 pound Golden, the flags will be about five feet away from where we have to trench the wire for the system.

dog fence field width

This is a very basic explanation and your yard may have different obstacles and variables to it.


Canine Concepts can have your dog running free within a few weeks!  Fill out our free consultation form to get started and we will contact you soon.  Our professional installation typically takes about half a day and then we start your dogs' fence training!  Call or click today!

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Dog Licenses


Here are the website links to licensing your dog in the following cities!  It is not costly and will help you if something should ever happen with your dog!


Wrentham, MA

Franklin, MA

Foxboro, MA

Local Dog Parks

Franklin Dog Park


700 Lincoln Street Franklin, MA


This is an excellent fenced in and a double gated dog park located with the Dacey Community Field in Franklin, MA.  As a bonus it also has a great playground next to it for kids.  There is a large area for dogs with clean up supplies and disposal bins.  Picnic tables are great for a lunch, snack or just getting some water for your pups.  There are trees and rocks throughout and a nice place to take a stroll!  As always, please respect this and any other area by picking up after your dogs!

The Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog

Patriot Place


The Nature Trail offers a fun-filled, outdoor experience for everyone. Located behind Bass Pro Shops in the Patriot Place South Marketplace, the trail features 32 acres of cranberry wetlands and wooded areas.  There is a scenic half mile trail that is made of mulch.  To get there you enter the south entrance to Patriot Place and take a right just before Bass Pro Shops.

Keep an eye open too as the Bass Pro Shops often hosts Dock Dogs outside in their parking lot over the summer and it quite the experience to take in with your dog!

Spotlight Business
Tail Blazers University

25 Commercial Drive

Wrentham, MA


If you are looking for a superb training, daycare or all in one facility please go see the good folks over here!  They have a great location right on Route 1 just south of Patriots Place and will treat you and your dog well!  They offer so much in their 12,000 square foot facility.  Please click on the picture or go to their website below.  Tell them we sent you!