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and all surrounding towns.

Canine Concepts is the five star company to take care of all your electric dog fence needs.  We install new dog fence systems and also repair existing hidden dog fence systems too!


Our company primarily focuses on keeping your dog safe in your yard and we offer complete training to make sure that it is done the right way!  Training your dog to a dog fence usually takes less than two to three weeks and you can start soon!  Once you have made the decision for us to install the fence, we can usually do it within a week or so!


Start the process with a free dog fence consultation by filling out the form above and we will get back to you soon!

How It Works


The most common configuration is shown below and is typically a large circle to encompass most of your yard.  Any type of variation can be made as long as the wire completes a loop of sorts.  There is then a control or 'twist' wire that goes inside a garage or your house to plug into the control box.

dog fence layout

The wire is trenched into the ground about four inches and scarring on the grass is either very minimal or not seen at all in less than a month of good grass growing!


The wire produces a radio frequency that will trigger the rechargeable dog collar to go off at a certain spot in the yard.  The collar will give an audible warning to your dog and if they continue into the boundary zone, they receive a static correction or shock.


The graph below is a guideline of how the wire emits the radio signal.  The distance from the wire to the boundary flags is dependent on how tall your dog is.  So if you have an 80 pound Golden, the flags will be about five feet away from where we have to trench the wire for the system.

This is a very basic explanation and your yard may have different obstacles and variables to it.  Please feel free to call or email us with questions or fill out the form for a free consultation!


Thanks for your time and take a look below for some local dog information for your pup!

Dog Friendly Places around Taunton, MA!


Listed below are some great places to bring your dog around in the area and get them outside.  These are perfect places for a leisurely walk, day trip or a picnic lunch!  Whether you have just moved here or maybe had never known about them, consider one of these places the next time that you venture out with your pup.  Everyone could use some quality time outdoors!  It's a great way to let your dog really stretch their legs and get some energy out.  The next best thing, of course, is to let your dog run safe and free in your yard with an electric dog fence that acts as their boundary!

Gertrude Boyden Bird Sanctuary 

1298 Cohannet Street, Taunton, MA


This is a hidden gem in the Taunton, MA area.  It has about 50 acres which include large expanses of open field, several picnic areas, fishing stations and almost two miles of nature trails highlighted by a covered bridge and a new wetlands boardwalk providing passive recreation and bird watching.  Remember to always have your dog on their leash and use proper dog walking etiquette when meeting strange dogs in these Massachusetts State Parks or any other outdoor facility.  It goes without saying that you should always pick up after your pet with some sort of bag. Personally, I find great use of my Market Basket and Target plastic bags and always have a bunch in my car to use with me everywhere! 

Massasoit State Park

1361 Middleboro Ave, East Taunton, MA 02718


With roughly 1500 acres of dense woods, this park in Taunton, MA has a great mix of paved and unpaved areas for you and your dog to traverse.  "This heavily wooded park, minutes from Interstate Route 495, offers abundant beauty and many opportunities for recreation. Four lakes provide excellent fishing. Swimming for camping patrons only is available at the beach on Middle Pond. Biking, canoeing, walking, hiking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing are popular activities. In the fall the contrast of scarlet cranberry bogs against the pines is breathtaking." (from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation website)

Dighton Rock State Park

Bay View Avenue, Berkley MA


Please remember that all State parks have a leash law and you could be ticketed at any time for allowing your dog off leash.  This park may appear small but actually has almost 85 acres to it.  From Bayview Ave in Berkley, just turn down 3rd Ave to get to the park. The museum where the actual rock is now located is open only during certain times so call ahead.  The area is great for picnics and walks with lots of tree coverage.  It sits along the Taunton River across from the Taunton Yacht Club and Shaws Boat Yard, both in Dighton, MA.  During the summer months there is usually lots of boating activity and fun on the water.

Taunton & Raynham Dog Registration


Whether or not you choose to install an electric dog fence in Taunton, MA or Raynham, MA both cities require that you register your dog with them.  It is not expensive and could save you a headache down the road should anything happen with your dog.  Click on the underlined city to go to their website to register your dog!  On the Rayham page you will need to scroll down a little bit.


Taunton, MA

Raynham, MA

Taunton Animal Shelter

821 West Water Street - Taunton, MA


If you are looking to adopt your first dog or add to your pack, we recommend taking a look at local shelters first.  These dogs are all heart and just looking for someone to curl up with on the couch.  We do our best to support local shelters and they can always use the support!  Click on the banner above to check out their website.

Mention this posting or the flyer that came with your dogs' paperwork from this shelter and the shelter will receive a donation from us for every dog fence that we install from one of their referrals!

Good luck finding your new best friend and congrats on giving them their forever home!